You guys are cultured as fuck, yes? Yes. I was talking to Croguesberg and mentioned a CLT book club, then realised that even choosing a book would cause such enormous fractures that it would destroy any bonds we share. Alternative idea: would you be interested in contributing to a weekly/fortnightly/monthly round-up of cool things you've read (books or articles/essays), seen (movies or plays), heard (ideally music, but whatever), or tasted (no vegetarians, obviously)?

I've followed up on a lot of recommendations (particularly music) from CLTers and I am definitely richer for the experience. For instance, a special shout-out to Owl's rec of this amazing essay. So, are you willing to rec music, books, or movies that you think might be of interest to other CLTers (and the legion of lurkers we apparently have)? Also, what time frame seems reasonable (although I'd really like someone to take over this as I am deeply unreliable) for it not to be a chore?