I haven't posted here in a while, but I just read a letter to the editor of my local alt weekly and need other people to validate my feelings. Those feelings are basically just LOLWUT.

Recently The Willamette Week called out The Jefferson Dancers, a dance troope based out of a predominately black high school, for having a roster filled with lily-white dancers from other schools. It's pretty great read and is clearly a lot more complex than that one sentence suggests.

But, yo. Andrew Parodi knows what's up. This guy. He gets it. And he sure took the Willie Week to task:

The bigger question here is: Why is the dance company located at the high school with the largest African-American student body in the city? Could it be because dancers, and all artists, are marginalized in larger society, just as the black community is marginalized in Portland?

We live in a city where our cops just straight up murder black people, but sure. Compare their plight to that of artists because #ukeleplayersmater