We’re lying in a puddle of his diarrhea, but the media is trying to pretend it’s not wet and stinky over here (this imagery is far too vulgar and graphic for the story at hand. I kind of apologize.).

The Slot covered the interview, but didn’t even bother to explain why it was such a shit show. It’s like the media are so embarrassed for him they can’t criticize him for it.

Sanders didn’t display a depth of knowledge on his *signature issues*. Let me say that again: his SIGNATURE ISSUES. He had no idea what banking laws were supposedly violated in 2008, he didn’t know what the law allows the government to do now for banks at risk, he didn’t know the process by which banks would be broken up, and he didn’t know how he would identify the banks that should be broken up even though he promised to do so in his first year of office.

Sanders is a one issue candidate, but on the one issue he is supposed to provide leadership, he has ZERO depth of knowledge.

I’m embarrassed for him, and I’m embarrassed by our media who barely covered this shit show. A major candidate should be expected to have some accountability for his platform, but few media outlets— certainly few liberal-oriented media— even bothered to cover it.