In the past, people have told me Patak’s is great, but I’ve now tried two of their sauces (Jalfrezi and Dopiaza) and have been way less than impressed. They’re just way too sickly sweet, and not the slightest bit spicy. So who has other recommendations?

I was thinking of swinging by Whole Foods tomorrow and seeing what I can find. My other option is pretty much just Market Basket, and I think they only had Patak’s. Though if I’m desperate, I can go to Trader Joe’s - it’s just not particularly close.

I’m lazy when it comes to cooking, so don’t tell me “just make it from scratch! It’s sooo easy and it will taste better!” This is the face I will give you:

I believe you on the latter, but not enough to justify how “easy” it will not be. Even if it is “easy”, it will be more time-consuming, and I’m looking for something quick.