Just over one week until the debut of Big Brother 18! There were a bunch of rumors that this would be an all stars season, but BB has posted 12 cast photos which seem to indicate that this is not true. However, the latest rumors are that there may be two twists- coaches and some kind of thing with two HGs being related to previous HGs/the coaches (NOT a twin twist). Since two of the people in the new cast photos have the last names Calafiore and Rousso, this might seem to indicate that Cody and Vanessa are two of the coaches.

Since BB has been having bigger and bigger casts (last year was 17 people), this is almost certainly NOT the full cast. Jeff Schroeder is doing cast interviews on the live feeds in about half an hour.

Y’all, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let Vanessa be a coach. That would be amazing. I know we hated her here last year but over the past year I have come to appreciate her more and more. Perhaps it is me looking back through rose colored glasses, but when I think about some of the shit she pulled, I am so, so, so impressed with and amused by her.