Welcome back CLT BBers! This is season 18! Get ready for 99 days (this better be good since it is over three months long... seriously where do they find people to do this???) of fun and drama!

For real, the cast that we know about already is kinda... eh. But hopefully the mystery HGs are gonna be pretty cool. Crossing my fingers for Day to get another shot at the game!

So who is your least favorite HG at first glance? Mine is this guy:

Whose life motto has something to do with ‚Äúworking out and getting women.‚ÄĚ

Then there’s also the asshole (Corey, bland athletic white dude) who is apparently a big homophobe. Good to know that we can count on BB for one of those at least every few seasons /s


I think my fave will be Bridgette, solely because she said she wanted an epillator in the house because she gets hairy. You do you, girl!

I don’t have gifs for y’all, sorry! Post some gifs in the comments if ya want.