I looked at the cast preview last week and promptly forgot everyone because... bland. That guy wearing the necklace just looks like blandness in a person. I bet the white dude in glasses gets pegged for an Ian Terry/Steve Moses type and is targeted early, unless he is smart enough to sleep through all of the arguments. Why do all of the women have the exact same hairstyle except the one in the bottom left corner who gets to have **~super special and unique~** hairbows and the one in the top right who gets a fLoWeR!!!? Such a homogeneous cast, age-wise, except for the one old dude.

Why do I do this to myself every summer? I just can’t quit Chenbot et al. Over on r/bigbrother, people are speculating that this will be another season with returnees and for some reason people think Paul is coming back (please god, in the name of FRIENDSHIP, please do not let this happen, if it does I’ll be PISSED). Hopefully the fact that we know of 16 newbies means this won’t happen. Who knows what they’ll do, though.

Anyway, I look forward to a summer of nuanced discussions on the deep meanings of reality television with all y’all.

Edit: FUCK. GO HOME FRIENDSHIP. If these people were smart they would boot him first.