Tonight, we stand by and watch as one of the two powerful players are sent packing, as Shelli and Vanessa are up on the block (though scuttlebutt has Shelli going home right now due to some masterful talking on Vanessa’s part and major stupidity from the rest of the houseguests).

But then. THEN. Then we have one of the most magical nights of the season, DOUBLE EVICTION NIGHT. You know, despite the fact that it seems to happen at the same point every season so that instead of coming as a surprise, most HGs are like “Double eviction is happening soon.” But I digress. Battle lines are being drawn in the house, and this could be a defining moment for the rest of the season. Or they could send a scrub like Steve or Meg home. WHO KNOWS? Tune in tonight at 9/8 central (unless you’re being preempted by preseason football) for BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG BROTHERRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Also for QS (and because I love the twins):