It’s that time of the week, y’all! Big Brother fans, let’s unite, throw a few back (throw a stiff one back for Day), and kvetch about how the HOH’s may or may not have nominated the wrong people!

Important questions to consider this week:

• Is Becky destined to be one of those super astute players who: A. Gets little-to-no-air time B. Makes little-to-no impact on the game, and ends up being a person who gets to the end because she’s smart and athletic but doesn’t end up winning because no one thinks her personality is big enough?

• What did everyone think of Vanessa’s admission that she doesn’t want to kick off Audrey because she doesn’t want to be the person who kicks off someone making history (by the way, if you’ve seen the live feeds, that was planted in her by Austin)

• Why is Clay still there?

Ok, my Big Brother family, chat is open up below!