I have defeated Quantum Suicide in battle and absorbed all her kinja powers. Didn’t get any of her knowledge, though, so bear with me if this is a mess.

Let’s talk about Big Brother Stuff:

  • Jason and Becky are on the block.
  • Shlay are still there, being QS’s favorites.
  • Austin continues to be a terrible and creepy disappointment.

  • This happened:


  • It didn’t go over very well.

  • Seriously, watch her eyes in the mirror here:


So who’s getting fed to the Chenbot tonight? Who will be the second HoH next to Austin*? Should I name my next pet Lizulia? Is QS a big nerd for choosing science over us?

The thread’s open now! Post your comments below.

Also, I apologize in advance if I wantonly dismiss all your comments for no other reason than to exercise power. Baby’s first blog.


*You know he’s gonna win. WTF, Vanessa? You’re smarter than this.