This week on Biiiiiiiiig Brotherrrrrrrrrr:

Nothing of interest happened. Oh sure, we had the typical stuff of a HOH comp and POV, but it was all so very boring. Liz won HOH and was fondled by Austin in the HOH bedroom. Her nominees were totally unimpressive: Johnny Mac and Becky. This is of course after Becky told the Austwins just how unhinged and untrustworthy Vanessa is.

Which leads to Wednesday’s episode. We get a whole lot of teasing by Liz’s DR sessions about how she’s having second thoughts on her alliance with Vanessa and how easy it would be to backdoor her. The POV comp for the week is the famous OTEV competition, with this year’s theme being a buttered roll or something like that. I don’t know, the only things I really remember from it are Meg biting it hard while climbing the slope up OTEV, and Liz winning the POV. Liz’s POV win leads to more hinting about whether or not she trusts Vanessa, which in turn leads to the biggest case of blue balls ever when SHE LEAVES NOMINATIONS THE SAME. Her reasoning? Everyone else is getting tired of Vanessa’s shit so others will be willing to nominate her, and Liz doesn’t want that blood on her hands.

As established in these threads before, I’m a fan of the twins (Julia moreso than Liz), so believe me when I say this: FUCK LIZ. You had a golden opportunity to make a big move and get a big player in Vanessa out (if my math is right, she would have only needed one more vote to boot Vanessa out, presuming that Julia and Austin do what Liz wants them to). I don’t know if the houseguests are afraid of a salty jury, but this may be one of my biggest annoyances with this season: if you keep waiting to get the good players out, you’re going to be watching them win $500,000.

I haven’t been paying attention to a lot of feed-type things this week, but I have it on good authority from my girlfriend that Becky will be the one voted out this week. Which is a big win for fans of Johnny Mac and lovers of train puns. I wonder if Becky will claim she got railroaded this week? Whoever gets the boot tonight will be the fourth member of the jury, which means that next week (or the week after if they decide to do it with five jury members instead) we’ll end up having a competition to let one of the jury members back in the house. So get ready for a Shelli return. And since this house is stupid enough to let a pair of twins into the house and to stay as long as they have, it probably means that Shelli’s going to end up winning this game.


So yeah. All of this (and maybe a little bit more if time permits) tonight at 9/8 central on BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG BROTHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.