Tonight we have hate, ignorance, and shame. And I hear tell she’s bringing along her sex idiot, too. That’s right, the single worst person to ever set foot in the BB house is back. Apparently she has an announcement or whatevwhocaresgoaway. My guess: first BB baby (Damian, obvi).

I’m not saying that she definitely murders kittens and then uses their corpses to suffocate puppies. I am saying that I definitely haven’t seen a single bit of proof that she doesn’t murder kittens and then use their corpses to suffocate puppies.

QS is gonna try to tell you dirty lies in the comments. Don’t listen. Let’s see how some current and former houseguests feel about this despicable garbage monster coming back:

(I’m gonna dump the rest in a comment to save Smuckles’ rotary flip phone from melting)

Oh, and I guess there’s also technically still a game/show. Maybe we should talk about that?


JMac was cool. Bye bye Austin, you barefoot asshole. Steve as HoH is fine because he has no power. Doesn’t matter who’s nominated. Hopefully JMac takes veto and puts Vanessa out on her ass.

That’s enough from me; let’s hear from you. About topics such as these, perhaps:

-Is Rachel the absofuckinglute worst, or do you want your comment dismissed?

-Do you think it’s possible that Vanessa’s fake crying and Rachel’s fake laugh/everything will combine and collapse into a douchebag singularity that threatens to consume our very existence?


-JMac is the shit, right? Yeah, thought so.

-Have I maybe taken this shit a little too far?

-Shut up.

-Other stuff?

The thread is open now! Leave your comments below. Or be merciful and come kill me now. Either way. Whatever works for you.