UPDATE: In case anyone is reading this old post for any reason, I wrote an update here. Evidence definitely now points to a direct link between Zika and microcephaly, though I still think Brazil sprinkling lots of larvicides into their drinking water is a bad idea.

I’ve been following the Zika research and this is not even remotely verified yet, but there’s a new theory on what’s causing the big uptick in microcephaly. Monsanto.

So here’s the thing. We don’t know Zika is causing microcephaly. All we’ve seen is regional correlation - the same areas that have had problems with Zika for a while are the same places that we’ve seen the huge increase in microcephaly since October. Zika has been going on for longer than that, but was previously just causing flu-like symptoms, like many other mosquito-borne illnesses. And many areas with Zika are not seeing this same uptick in microcephaly. So there’s a possibility that a strain of Zika in one area adapted and is now causing new problems, or there could be something else correlational that’s linking the two. (Correlation =/ causation)

Now a group of Argentine physicians are saying they think the link is due to mosquito control measures in Brazil. A larvicide was introduced to those areas (into the drinking water... which just boggles my mind) to help control the mosquito population. To me, this sounds much more plausible than a new strain of Zika with no change to symptoms in the adult population suddenly causing birth defects.

This is very alarming.