It’s 4:30 a.m., and I am wide awake due to doggie intestinal issues that necessitated a walk in the pouring rain. So, in an attempt to distract myself:

What’s the weirdest Kinja freakout you’ve ever been subjected to? When someone completely lost their mind over something random and unimportant, and/or became increasingly furious while insisting they were calm and rational while everyone else was the problem?

I think mine was a couple of years ago when someone wrote several thousand words about her persecution because of quotation marks. She chastised Jezebel for using “scare quotes” in a headline, a few people (including me) tried to explain that they were actual quotes denoting a quotation, and she LOST IT.

She claimed she was obviously being targeted by MRAs, who must have linked her comment offsite. She compared herself to Black Lives Matter. She made comment after increasingly bizarre and irrational comment — walls of text — accusing everyone who responded to her of hugely overreacting. And she ended by saying she wouldn’t forget the unbelievably horrible way she’d been treated, all for the crime of understanding quotation marks so much better than the rest of us. It was one of the strangest overreactions I’ve ever seen, on or offline — to like three people saying, “Those aren’t scare quotes.”

Amy similar stories, Clashtalkers? Share!