So, I'm pretty much in the gray on the main page β€” hell on most of the pages, most of the time. I was okay with this (sorta', although it is becoming tiresome) when I thought that even though other commenters might freeze me out or because I'm living in a later time zone, I'm less likely to ever be noticed by a given article's author β€” at least, the point of this new system was to try to weed out the trolls. However, so far today, this guy β€” GitWilson has made into black, with fine comments such as:


9/04/14 1:48pm Today 1:48pm

"yeah, just less nigs. that's why it is better"

which I realize was because Asphere responded and Asphere was in the black.

And now here's some burner troll named Ky who has been promoted up into the blacks by Rich Juzwiak in the Joan Rivers obit for saying this:


"For a minute... I thought you actually were going to pull off writing a non- homo related article ;)" I guess it's the smiley face that makes all the difference.

Someone want to go over with me again the Gawker criteria for earning one's place in the blacks?

Maybe I should become a troll?