So today my boss tried to renege on his promise to let me have 2 weeks off next summer to go on a once in a lifetime trip to Greece. You read that right. Not this summer, next summer - 2014. His reasoning, "That's a lot of time off at once for someone who hasn't been here a year yet". Which is why I'm not going this summer. And by next summer I'll have been here almost 2 years. And I told you about this when you offered me the job and you went on and on about how great that was and how much fun I'd have. He agreed when I promised I only go on a true vacation trip every 2 years, which is true, and if I'm only going to one city, I'm usually taking off only a week.

This came up because I wanted to double confirm the weeks I wanted were good with him, because I wanted to book my hotel today (which I did, and got an amazing deal).