I don't really know the difference between rap and hip hop, so I'm posting two songs in the hope that at least one of them falls into either genre. Others—Pearls, Nilla, TaintNuttin, and Meritxell—know more than I do so hopefully you guys will do any heavy lifting required in the comments section. Especially so as comments aren't loading (I see you TRC—I just can't see you) and I am going to bed.

Here's 'Bout to Get Ugly c.2003 Trigger warning: Mark Ronson

And The King is Dead from Australian band The Herd. This song was released in 2007 after the conservative, racist, asshat Prime Minister John Howard lost the election. Good times!

NB: tomorrow's contribution will probably stray back into my usual genres but I'll take requests to satisfy you bloodthirsty knaves, if needed.