I recently listened to an episode of Bullseye with the incomparable Peter Serafinowicz, where he took some time to explain the inspiration behind his absurdly incompetent Brian Butterfield character.

Here is a classic Brian Butterfield clip:


As a subscriber to the Butterfield Diet Plan, I live for treat days. Large macs and pasta pillows all day!

For context, here is the original inspiration for Butterfield (which is a real advert that ran in the UK, but was so run-of-the-mill bleh I seem to have blocked it from memory).

I’ve bought a book, and i promise I’m going to read it...on my next holiday.

Clashtalkers, what do you eat on your treat days? What are you favourite Brian Butterfield or Peter Serafinowicz gems? Give me your shout-outs and recommendations below!