Nick Denton is sad.

On Joel Johnson

I was in so much in a hurry that I didn't even look at other candidates, a cardinal sin. I made a mistake, and I'm sorry to Joel, and I'm sorry to those to whom he is a friend," Denton writes.

=( Oh well. Guess Joel isn't staying put.

As we reported on Tuesday, Johnson is likely to leave the company and was recently seen interviewing for a job at Vice Media.


As Kafka says,

If you are someone who likes spending time on Gawker tea leaves — meaning you work at Gawker Media, worked at Gawker Media, or are part of a relatively small set of media people that Gawker Media used to court as readers but doesn't really anymore — you will enjoy working your way through Denton's memo. It's a very long memo, so you may want to block out some time..

Denton blames himself for the state of things, and suggests he took his eye off the ball. He also suggests that his re-org will help, since it gives his underlings more authority and the flexibility to do stuff even when he's not engaged.

But the truth is that part of what's happened to Gawker Media over the past few years is that the stuff that used to be specific to Gawker Media — both in tone and substance — now appears in lots of other places, including at well-funded competitors like BuzzFeed and Vox Media.


To add to that, Denton's a bit behind on the "back to blogging" thing. The aforementioned Lock started again on his blog, Elizabeth Spiers (ex-Gawker) on her own, a lot of the older media bloggers have been blogging again on Medium, tilde, and other outlets/their own blogs. In somewhat related news, the Awl podcast is back as well with Choire if you miss him.