And there we have it. 4-12 for your Oakland Raiders this year. Given what we saw the last couple months, that was undoubtedly a best-case scenario.

They should not have beaten Pittsburgh (HA HA!) or San Diego, and should have beaten Washington, were it not for Matt Flynn playing unacceptably bad. Three wins sounds about right for what the Raiders trotted onto the field this year. Such overachievers, this group (seriously though, our assistant coaches, namely offensive coordinator Greg Olson, defensive coordinator Jason Tarver, and o-line coach Tony Sparano, did a great job of getting everything they could out of the players they had).

The only thing I remember about Sunday's game was Pryor sucking, and then all the people that were presumably booing when he wasn't playing booed him off the field. Our fans are amazing... or something.

So the worst is over for this franchise. Finally under (WAY under) the cap next season, a real football team can begin to be built. It was pretty exciting to think about, until I perused the list of upcoming free agents and thought about it, and realized hey, we are really going to suck next year, too, no matter what. To the point that #downey4clowney may be followed up with #suckanus4jameis.

The furor at the top of the organization appears to have subsided and has given way to much more reasonable rhetoric. Reggie McKenzie is now referring to the past two seasons as the "deconstruction" phase. Mark Davis is expected to give Dennis Allen another year on the job when they meet on Monday. That makes the most sense to me, mostly so that if Reggie blows this draft we can fire them both together. There is no way Dennis Allen squeezes out eight wins next year when over half the games on our 2014 schedule are against 2013 playoff teams. But Reggie damn well better find us studs with two of the first forty picks of a supposedly loaded draft.


One of those picks probably has to be a QB. I watched that Blake Bortles dude play in his bowl game, and he looked pretty damn good. But I'm not sure if we can pass on Clowney. His stock appears to be dropping enough for us to have a good shot at him. Personally, I give a guy credit for half-assing it through a season at South Carolina until he can get rich. Fuck college football.

As for potential free agent signings, the most intriguing to me was G Matt Slauson, who just resigned with the Bears yesterday. The most exciting name left on the list is probably Jeremy Maclin. Yuck. So now with around $70 million in money to spend and an owner who seems to be listening a little too much to an increasingly desperate fan base, I'm worried that we are going to spend for spending's sake. If I even hear so much as a rumor about us signing Hakeem Nicks...


Our two big free agents are LT Jared Veldheer and Lamar Houston. Veldheer will definitely be resigned. But surprisingly there are reports out that Houston may not be back. Given his versatility along the d-line, our lack of talent and deep pockets, that doesn't make much sense to me. He was probably the best player on the team this year, and I'm not sure what kinda nit-picky crap they could be thinking to believe we'd be better off without him.

All signs point to next season being just as brutal as this one, and probably more so after you factor in the expectations of finally being in the official "rebuild." Another season of six wins or less with no promising QB developing, and we clean house. Dennis Allen never had much of a chance. And if he did, he was dependent on Reggie digging up some players for him, which most definitely hasn't happened. In two years, he hasn't nailed any picks. Hasn't unearthed any gems. I don't care how many computers he bought for the front office or anything else- his job is to find us good football players. If Reggie doesn't get his shit together real quick, 2015 will quite possibly see The Return Of Chucky...