Many (some?) of you know I live in Buffalo. The Queen City! The Nickel City! Land of the butter lamb, beef on weck, loganberry, chicken wings, and sponge candy. Home of Rick James, Billy Sheehan, The Goo Goo Dolls, Vincent Gallo, and Ani DiFranco. Oh, Buffalo. How can you be so great and yet still make me want to bitch-slap you with a fucking garden claw?

Yesterday evening, well before Gawker became aware of it, I saw the video of the racist bitch in Cheektowaga (yes, we do call it Cheekta-vegas, owing to its klassiness). First came the comments on every single article, which were horrendous. People who insisted HE must have done something, because "that's what n*****s do," those who insisted she was right, because "ghetto people have no respect for white folks," and those combining the above epithets and insults, and insisting that "ghetto n*****s are more racist that white people have ever been." Next came the Cheektowaga Police Chief's comment:

"I reviewed the video and with 27 years of law enforcement, I have seen people at their worst. I've seen people with mental health issues, I've seen people under the influence of substances and I've also come across people who are out and out racist.

"That being said, without knowing more about this woman's background, I feel that it would be irresponsible of me to form a premature judgment on her actions".

Then came a whole new set of racist comments due to a incident this morning. I work right across the main avenue from City Court and right across a side street (West Eagle) from Supreme Court. Two young men received sentencing for the cold-blooded murder of a cab driver. Immediately after, this happened. I witnessed the entire incident from the open window in my office, and it was sad to see. But, here are some of the racist gems from the comments section:


Why the fuck are people here so awful and goddamned racist? And why is their grammar so fucking dreadful? (Obviously, kinda kidding with the last bit.)