"I have a close friend whose daughter is a sophomore at Baylor and is a superstar. She worked for sony in digital marketing in la last summer. … Any chance she could find a place at buzzfeed or thrill list this summer," Lynton wrote in an email to Lerer on the morning of Feb. 6, 2014.

Why doesn't anyone want to intern at gawker?

In other news,

"We're still trying to figure out where the lines would be drawn if this did actually happen, and I think the only thing that we're certain of is that I would be on the other side of the line," Craggs said.

Even though Craggs would be considered "management," he told Capital that he absolutely supports a union for Gawker writers.

"I think there are aspects to new media that would benefit tremendously from workers having some sort of bargaining power," he said.

Craggs' enthusiasm for a union does not surprise Gawker owner and C.E.O Nick Denton.

"Journalists have a strong anarcho-syndicalist tradition. Content creators on the web have the same trait. Gawker Editorial is run like a worker's collective. That seems to be the natural order of things," Denton told Capital in an instant message.

Denton, though, is a proud capitalist.

Asked whether he believes that unions are counter-productive, he said that "successful capitalist enterprises tend to provide good working conditions."

And how does he feel about the possibility of a union in his own company?

"I'm intensely relaxed," he said.