The hell is this?

Unlike most Clashtalkers, I actually really like Hamilton Nolan. I can relate to his militant anti-capitalism, but I adore his more satirical/sarcastic columns. I love his sense of humor.


But this Maybe it’s the Statistics nerd in me, but how one could ever attempt to reach statistical conclusions from this story is mind-boggling. This is one of the most useless pie charts I’ve ever seen. And I’m saying this as someone who agrees with the overarching theme: Capitalism Bad. Home Depot Bad. Labor Organization Good. Yeah, I’m on board.

When your data set for a pie-chart is “people who read Hamilton Nolan on Splinter and voluntarily share their thoughts about labor and capitalism,” I’m going to go out on a limb and say that your results are slightly less than scientific.


So ignore this pie and have some Cake instead.