So, I have loved video games since my childhood. Growing up we had an original atari, and then went through the progression of getting a nintendo, had a sega 16 and a super NES, N64, Playstation, PS2, gamecube, and then finally I got on the PC.

Now you all might of heard about a game called Golden Eye. It is the game that made the first person shooter a fucking genre. I was fucking epically amazing at it. I used to shovel out disappointment after disappointment.

That was the last time I really played a multiplayer FPS.

Today, I made a PSN account and hopped on COD:ghost to see if I had some magic.

I did not. Not only that, I was getting absolutly fucking destroyed by these fucking teenage fucks. I have never felt as old as I did today. I am downright embarresed how bad I was. I literally went a match with zero kills and 15 deaths. I felt like moving meant I was going to get fragged for sure. At 32 years old, I actually had the thought that I might need to hang up the joystick....this is a sad day.


If you play Cod, feel free to throw this noob a bone, and give me some good advice on how to up my skills.