Some people are terrible. So this person who I used to be friends with a billion years ago has been ignoring my friend request for like five years. So, whatever. I guess we weren’t as good of friends as I had thought, way back when.

So today, someone very close to this person called my office to follow up on what he’d heard about a pretty serious tragedy that happened to someone in my office. THEN, much later today, original person and long-lost friend accepted my friend request. And THEN, proceeded to take that opportunity to message me and ask about said tragedy. No preface, no “oops, that friend request went missing for the last five years and I just noticed it,” no “wow, it’s been a long time.” Just immediate interrogation about this incident in which someone was seriously injured.

AND to top it off, claimed that they had “heard through the grapevine” about the tragedy when it is GLARINGLY OBVIOUS that they heard about it from the person very close to them who called our office today. (It is not a large office. I was three feet away from the person he spoke to. Duh.)

So while I am stewing about the unmitigated gall of this first message, I get ANOTHER message indicating that they’d heard a few more details from another source, but that they’d “love to know more.” Love to know more. About a tragedy, a very serious injury. And they would “love to know more.” The way you would love to know more about someone’s new main squeeze, or the color of your favorite cousin’s bridesmaids dresses, or that great little place you found on the Cape.

People are the WOOORRRRSSSTTT!