I'm pretty confused. Obvs, the Repubs are going to be out there spreading negativity in the media about how horrible it is and how everything is going to cost more. However, I've been trying to search for stuff that explains how ACA is going to affect employer-provided insurance, and I keep finding mixed information. I work for a small business (under 10) that has always provided health insurance, and plans to continue to do so. Obvs, any business under I believe 50 is not required to provide insurance, so, yay for our employer.

However, BCBS is really jacking up our rates and blaming it on ACA. Well, so what else is new? Naturally, any excuse to simultaneously jack up the rates AND take a swing at affordable health care... But now I am questioning the reality of the situation and if there may in fact be some gaping problems here. I've read that many employers are planning on giving their employees a stipend, rather than insurance, which they can then use on the exchanges. But in our state, the exchange isn't even set up yet and no one knows what the hell the rates will be. Also, I'm hearing that out-of-pocket on the exchanges could be scary high, like $10,000 high. Is this just Republican scare tactics? (I am not hearing this from Republicans, necessarily. Most of my colleagues, including my employer, are Dems.)

Thankfully for me, I don't have to worry because my employer is going to make it work, regardless, because he's a stand-up guy that way. But he said that he is also getting hit with taxes to help fund the exchanges, etc. He also said that our insurance guy has made it very clear that since insurance companies now cannot refuse pre-existing conditions, the premium increases will be based solely on age, with a particularly large jump coming at age 50, and then increasing steadily after that. If true, this will really put the nail in the coffin of older workers who are looking for jobs. As if there wasn't enough age discrimination already. Now companies will shy away from the over-50s like the plague since we will be more expensive to insure.

I think everyone should have affordable health care. No one should be denied for a pre-existing condition. But how "affordable" is this really going to be for people who are not as fortunate as I am? Does anybody know enough about these issues to address my concerns? Because the shit I'm finding still doesn't make any freaking sense to me.

I find myself desperately defending the ACA because I believe that health care is a right, not a privilege, and I honestly want this to be an honorable legacy that Obama leaves us, but I need something more to work with here.