First of all, full disclosure, I might have nodded out for a minute or two some time in the last third. I usually do. But first impressions:

Still with the Joan trying to make it big? Can we just give her a shot already? I'm tired of this being a plotline still, I want to see Joanie in action. That said, her exchange with the shoe guy at the bar and her conversation with the econ prof were probably my most favorite moments of the night.

Roger. I'm sorry. It's beyond credibility that Roger would ever sleep on the floor, I don't care how much acid he did. Jumping to his residing in a master suite simply draped with hippies is not the kind of time ellipsis this show has earned. The scene with his daughter was so aggravatingly aimless. What was it meant to demonstrate, that Roger just DGAF about his daughter? Is Roger even working at this point?

Megan. I hate Megan, always have. They could not have reintroduced her to us in a more annoying fashion than that scene at the airport. I could not be less interested in her career. If this show drags us into the grimy yet glam world of young hustlers trying to make it in Hollywood I will cut a bitch..

Pete. Sure, ok. I'm glad living in California nailing a hot real estate agent is agreeing with him. I think Vincent Kartheiser is a pretty great actor and I hope they plan on giving him something to do but he was treated as a peripheral.


The agencies. Wtf. I am confused. This is probably the wages of all the conking out I did last season but what is going on? Who is working what where for who. Is Don working at all? And that scene with him wearing the hat on the people mover was such incredible bullshit. Oh look, he's traditional and wears a hat and he's near colors. Ooooooo, social commentary, times a'changin before our very eyes.

I liked the scene with Julia Salinger but come on. Don having a brief sexually charged encounter with some woman is pretty much the only thing the show can capably do at this point. Could this character just please do something besides brood? Fuck.

It was nice to see Peggy but her at work scenes only served to highlight how over the initial premise the writers are, because all the stuff about advertising has become so perfunctory. And so she's a landlord now? I'm at the point where I feel like this show needs a special episode where they all go on a cruise on The Love Boat and have some misadventures with Julie, Isaac, and Gopher.


Finally, fuck you show, what is going on with Betty and Sally???