Yesterday I had the brilliant idea to cook breakfast for ten people. BREAKFAST TACOS IT IS THEN.

This is the aftermath - believe it or not, that pile of bacon and eggs and potatoes was much higher. I grated entirely too much cheese. The mushrooms (that sad little bowl on the right) were tossed with a dash of balsamic vinegar while I sauteed them, but only a few of us liked mushrooms so I didn't do too many. And the guys, sour cream in eggs 4 LYFE. Add a generous heap of it right before the eggs are done cooking and it sends them skyrocketing off into a another dimension: A DIMENSION OF DELICIOUSNESS.

Throw in about six or seven bottles of cheap champagne and some orange juice and you've got brunch for almost a dozen people for around $100. Fuck, I could easily spend that on MYSELF at a joint like Perla's on South Congress in Austin, where the Bloody Marys are delicious and expensive.

...I am extremely hungover this morning, you guys.