Someone (BP?) recently mentioned doing a character actor thread. I've since been thinking about it and my opinions need an outlet. This is it.

My favourite: Samantha Morton. She tends to be in fairly good adaptations (Jesus' Son, Morvern Callar) as well as quirky originals (This is the Sea). She plays improbable characters with impressive depth and warmth. Exception: Minority Report.

Honourable mention: Gillian Anderson. I know this is an odd choice, but her film roles are pretty quirky and she does them well. Particularly good in Bleak House and House of Mirth. Avoid Johnny English.

My favourite: Crispin Glover. I don't even know if he's a good actor, but he just has this interesting presence. And the the very unconventional yet attractive looks are a great distraction. He was particularly scene-stealing in Dead Man but also pretty good in Willard. Avoid Hot Tub Time Machine (at all costs).

Honourable mention: Paul Dano. I have high hopes for him. I adored his angst-afflicted voluntarily-mute teen in Little Miss Sunshine. He was also good in Fast Food Nation. Avoid Girl Next Door (I assume. Someone correct me if I'm wrong).


What are your picks? And what movies made them shine?

PS—I tried this with images but it did not work out. Will leave in replies.

PPS—I'm on holidays and travelling at the moment. So I'm between devices and in an even less convenient time zone than usual. Sorry in advance.