Is everyone else checking their privilege and LOLing at the internship article? I had 6 internships during college and grad school. I only got paid for one. Others I had to have a job at the same time just to be able to afford subway fare to get there. Yes, a lot of companies clearly suck now since they are trying to get unpaid interns to do the work that entry level people should do. But that doesn't mean all internships are stupid or invalid or you are too good to do one.

In Mother's Day related news, I got my mom a card that says "Thank you for not selling me to the gypsies", which the girl I share my office with says is culturally insensitive. But we had a lot of jokes about gypsies in my family- like we always told my brother the gypsies dropped him off on the steps, and didn't even want payment because he was so annoying. Also we called my grandmother a gypsy because she moved around a lot - once she even moved when my father was in college, and he came home for Christmas to find a strange family in the apartment. She says she wrote him a letter - he says he never got it.