I was alerted to a very under-reported fact regarding the (lack of) healthcare bill the republicans are trying to ram through, and after some digging I confirmed it was true. While it’s good news it makes a lot of the press coverage really annoying.

Contrary to all the “YAAAASSSSSS KWEEEEEENNNNNSS!!!!!!1!!” articles going around, Mccain’s voting strategy fucks over the Obamacare repeal far more than Collins’ and Murkowski’s straight no votes. Let me explain:

Republicans have been trying to pass the repeal as a Reconciliation Act. Reconciliation is a ridiculously complicated way of passing bills; but the salient points are that it’s filibuster-proof, requiring only 51 votes to pass, and only one bill per topic per year gets to be considered for debate and then voted on. Collins and Murkowski voted No on both allowing debate and on the vote itself and are being praised for that like it would do anything to prevent another slapdash bill to be considered under reconciliation rules immediately. McCain, on the other hand, allowed it to come to the floor and then killed it, making sure that for at least another year any healthcare bill would go through the normal, non-cheating process under which it would have not a snowball’s chance in hell of going anywhere.

Does anyone really think they’ll have a better shot in a year than they did now? I don’t.

Brought to you by people who research things before spouting off at the goddamn mouth.


EDIT: I’ve been reading shit around different news sites and it seems I’ve joined a circle-jerk of “no THIS is what happened!” so all I really have to say is that it was all efforts put together that got us here but we have hit a major, albeit temporary, victory. Let’s not lose sight of that.