Oh hell yes, on lovely green 7" wax. This was the only thing that got me to Record Store Day. So naturally the spot listed it as a 12", I didn't see it, and I left RSD with nothing but a disdain for people who are inclined to spend buttloads of money on represses of records that they should already have anyway. Fortunately they got another handful of these in a few weeks later, perfectly illustrating the other reason I couldn't get too worked up about RSD. I'm still not pleased to have waited an hour in line last year just to pick up that "EXCLUSIVE!" Pharcyde box set which was then released again the next month. Fuck you Delicious Vinyl.

I bumped into a buddy of mine way deeper in the game than myself while I was in line to buy this who bugged out, explained he jacked Cheech's steez off this, and then turned around and marched off toward the 7" bins to snag a copy in the middle of the conversation. It gave me the impression that this is one of those songs/scenes/whatever that somewhat unknowingly inspired people all over the place. Similar to Chuck D's brief passage in the It Takes A Nation Of Millions... liner notes where he talks about how he chose Terminator X as his DJ not because he was flashy, but because just like Jam Master Jay he never made a mistake. It wasn't until Jay's passing that so many rap DJs realized how many of us had those couple sentences burned into our brains.

And yes, the instrumental jam b-side is every bit as awesome as you probably imagine, maybe more so.