Hello houseguests did you miss me? I took a five month break from Kinja but it’s that time again and somebody has to remind y’all. It’s almost time for Big Brother in fact they are doing the cast reveal on Monday on the feeds so get your free week now if you want to see who we are watching this summer. Let’s hope it’s a good cast of diverse people of different backgrounds 😁😁😁😁.

Okay now that I’m done being diplomatic this season is going to suck for me no matter what because Big Brother Canada was so freaking good this year. If you didn’t watch I urge you to run to your computer, download a vpn and head to the website to watch all the episodes. I even got sucked into another showmance but this time it was a good respectful one....I feel so blessed lol. Anyways what’s up people how have y’all been?