How would you define kinja? Thanks to some Missouri lawyers, now we have an answer:

10. Gawker’s sites offer readers, paid Gawker staff, and others an opportunity to create content on the individual web pages carrying stand-alone writings of a particular subject matter.

11. The stand-alone writings are consciously and deliberately initiated

by journalists such as Defendants Trotter and Howard.

12. The only restrictions on the content created by the readers, is that readers can not initiate the stand-alone writings, their content is placed on the webpage - first come, first serve - beneath the portion of the writing begun by the initiator, and their content creation is subject to being kept under a removable veil until “approval” by the initiator of the stand-alone writing.

13. Readers can, at their own option, lift the veil and view the content created by non-initiating content creators, regardless of whether or not the stand-alone writing’s initiator approves or disapproves of the content.

14. In order to create content, a non-initiating content creator must create a content creator profile titled under their real name or under a pseudonym.

15. It is very common for non-initiating content creators to create anonymous profiles, or even multiple anonymous profiles.

16. It is very common for initiators of writings (such as Defendants Howard and Trotter) to create content amongst other non-initiating content creators, and to directly respond-to and collaborate with non-initiating content creators, instigate and solicit responses from non-initiating content creators, and adopt the conclusions of or otherwise advertise or approve

of the content of non-initiating content creators as signified through text content or by hyperlinking to additional locations on the same webpage or the webpages of other stand-alone writings.

It’s not all fun and games, though (ok but it mostly is). According to Johnson, describing something as “good-ass kinja” makes you liable for anything defamatory in that kinja.

31. The phrase “good-ass kinja” refers to high quality content that readers, content creators, and others would be advised to view.

32. Stating that particular content is “good-ass kinja,” as well as instantly providing the link to said content, serves as express endorsement of the linked content, and Defendant Howard intended to direct as many readers as possible to view the defamatory content.

33. By adopting, endorsing, advertising, responding to, interacting with, and directing additional content-creators, readers, and others to such defamatory, false, misleading, and injurious content created by a non-initiating content creator, Defendants Howard and Gawker formally adopted and are liable for, all of Cmcalumna’s content published on Trotter First and Howard First.


The full complaint can be found here. No word yet on why he filed suit in Missouri (probably some favorable state law; I don’t care about you guys enough to look into it).

Disclaimer: Any action by the initiator to, for, or with content generated by anonymous content creators below, including, but not limited to “recc’ing” or describing something as “good-ass kinja” is not an adoption, endorsement, advertisement, etc of the anonymous content by the initator. Retweets are not endorsements.