So we were going over our upcoming banquet schedule for the holidays at my work, and low and behold we have a wedding reception on New Years Eve! Now, my end of the deal runs from 5 to 7, so not messing with my plans, but it got rather heated and was almost a 50/50 split amongst co workers on if it is a dick move. It should be noted they have an open bar, but my work is a 30 minute drive from just the edge of the city.

I for one dont think it is all that cute. I can empathise with the people who have to stay till it is over. Also, their friends are going to have to hear about there anniversary every. year. It might also be genius if you are an idiot that forgets your anny. Then again if you end up getting divorced New Years might just become a shitty start to every year for the rest of your life. Whatcha think Clashtalk?