I know you all work hard to put a roof over your heads, but what the heck right! Clashtalk, I am an investment! You can donate your money to me for any number of reasons, but the biggest reason you should invest in me is I hate working! I really don't like doing it!

This forum seems like it is full of people that have the gusto to respect the fact that I really don't like working for a living, and that I take no satisfaction in trying to actually earn a living when somebody else should of taken care of all of this for me.

Talking points:

I have no ambition. This is a big one. I mean the most important thing in this world should be me just being myself. I got robbed here.

I am full of spit and vinegar. By this I mean I am a raging alcoholic with an unhealthy obsession for top shelf booze. If ya can't live it up why live at all.

You all have it so much better than me. I know, I know, you all work for a living, but this is the best reason as to why I shouldn't work at all.

And finally, how dare you not fund me!

P.S. Thanks clash talk for being so understanding. Leave your donations for me in the comments. Thanks T.L.