A few of you folks have admitted to being attorneys. Anyone practice in Colorado? I promise I’m not looking for legal advice. Just looking for some help understanding the landscape. I’m trying to advise from VA, and feeling vicariously helpless. Crim and civil issues.

It’s a revenge porn (and every horrible thing you might imagine accompanies that) situation. It took a lot for her to reach out, and I don’t want to send her down the wrong path and make it worse. I’m trying to help her find a local attorney for the civil stuff, and direct her to cops who will take the criminal charges seriously.

She wants to press charges, but is scared the police won’t do anything/care. I know CO has a revenge porn law, but I haven’t been able to find a task force or anything that is focused on these issues. She (justifiably) doesn’t have a lot of faith in her local precinct.