Ok my friend just told me a story so wild I have to share it.

So my friend K. had an incident happen at work and through her employee assistance program was referred to this therapist whom she sees for four sessions. Therapist, a very flamboyant-looking woman in her 70s, turns out to be a bit on the weird side and does things like forget everything that was said the previous session, spend an entire session dabbing at a bleeding cut on her arm, and so forth. Unconventional.

So after my friend finishes with the four sessions (which is what you're allowed through EAP) she googles the therapist to get some information she needs for some paperwork. What is revealed is a scandal so extreme it was literally on Dateline, a huge media event. I will summarize but here's a link.

So once upon a time in Dallas there was a young, up and coming minister of a large, prominent Dallas church—and his wife. Minister has big dreams of being a powerhouse religious figure.

Then one dark day Minister begins receiving threatening notes that someone's going to harm and come after him, on Easter Sunday. Much fuss is made, bodyguards and such. Minister bravely and courageously preaches the Easter Sunday sermon despite the threats to his life. Nothing happens, bodyguards are sent home, life goes back to normal.

Then a few weeks later, Minister's wife is found strangled in their home late one night. She doesn't die but remains a vegetable. Oddly it is discovered that on that evening at around midnight, Minister had left his wife a message saying "hi honey! it's 10:30 pm and I am going from point A to point B right now! see you later!"


So Minister is under investigation for murder. During the course of the investigation two interesting things are discovered. The first is the typewriter that was used to write the threatening notes, which was found in the Minister's office. The second is that Minister has been carrying on an affair with the daughter of some other prominent local religious guy...a striking blond psychologist (SBP).

Minister was a much-beloved figure. These revelations really rocked the community. As it happens the prosecution of Minister was bungled and he gets off (though he did have to pay some money in the civil case). It is understood to be an incredible miscarriage of justice all around, particularly considering that Minister had had big ambitions to be a bishop, which would have been impossible if he'd divorced.


Meanwhile SBP was at the center of a media storm; people confronted her in the grocery store, etc. Though the extent of her involvement in wife's death or what she knew was never clear. The pressure becomes so intense she flees to the famed Esalen Institute and stays there for six months, in the process reinventing herself with a new name, a tribute to the transformative miracle of being a butterfly.

Then SBP relocates to LA, where she apparently enters private practice and happily ever after until she cuts her arm right before my friend's third session. Right? No.


Apparently at some point Minister—who's been defrocked by now—moves to LA. He remarries. Whether or not he has any contact with SBP is unknown. It's unclear what he's been doing but by 2004 he gets a job at one of the big downtown rescue missions. It is accompanied by some renewed media attention along the lines of "we believe this gentleman can turn over a new leaf, we believe in second chances, etc." Five years into his employment there he is vice president of the mission.

Then, surprise! It is discovered that who has been volunteering at the mission but SBP. Clearly something isn't kosher there because ex-Minister loses his job. Meanwhile his wife lives as a vegetable in a home for about 20 years. And, finally, SBP continues in private practice and delivers four incredibly surreal sessions of therapy to my friend.


Can you believe this was my friend's therapist? And she discovered via google that this is who she'd been dealing with the whole time? This is better than that time Cynthia on The Real World was like, "I can't believe I know the Unabomber."