It’s that time of the year where we look back and think, ‘Really?’ What defined this year on CLT for you? What posts warmed your heart, got you thinking, or got you fired from your place of employment? I believe 2015 was year of the dick. Evidence as follows:

DICK: moves, Gawker Media

Such unnecessary bloodletting. Hellephant broke the news. Nilla asked the relevant questions. Twitter roundup of the carnage. BP posted Pareene’s memo, which I still haven’t finished reading.

The more recent GM troubles eclipse the fact that it was an entire year of shitty, shitty decisions.

Remember when Gawker totally redefined the reading experience? Me, neither. Maine & Names help transition us to Gawker’s investigative reporting credentials. NotHip counts down the days until Gawker is insolvent.


We covered the post that should never again be mentioned (but will thanks to an upcoming lawsuit). ShutUp broke important news about the source. Foofy on GM’s future. JoanBeam on New Gawker. Marmalade covered some breathtaking petulance here and here. One of my favourite CLT pieces here.

The machinations were fascinating, though. Heads rolled. Hearts broke. Tension mounted. Taint asked the tough questions. People tried to cover their tracks. Names was horrified. BP told us what it actually meant. Xylo weighed in. Maine got sentimental. So did Zuzax.


DICK: actual dick

Quantum establishes our priorities. Deadly on the essential ingredient in erotica. More dick. Yet more dick. Why isn’t it just called DickTalk? Reasons to love ThunderLips, and everyone in the comments. At least changing it up with “boners.” ICN trying to be coy. Subtle, BlueJeans, but this is definitely about dick.


DICK:ing around, us

We were recently cast in an after-school special on the dangers of excessive comment-sharing. On 7th August, there was a gas leak in CLT headquarters and this happened. It’s best not to let anyone know if something annoys you. Because this happens, then this, and this, and some more. SugarHill dicking around on the internet, and us being a dick to SugarHill.


Sometimes commenters are dicks. But then it leads to great things. Sometimes various iterations of ex-GMers are dicks. And it doesn’t lead to anything good.

I love old sidebar stuff. Manolo has a ‘my tastes are very singular’ moment in 2013. This 2014 exchange between AMownLawn & RealAmurrican in the first thread is exceptional CLTing.


What are your memorable moments of 2015?