I have the feeling that it's too early to do this but I'm on steroids and codeine and that's not compatible with sleep. Anyway, let's look back on the magical, beige year that was 2014. The world might have been disappointing but you guys were pretty entertaining. A re-cap:

What is a ClashTalk?

For the official stuff, see the Nilla's compendium of ClashTalk's motions carried.

There are so many misconceptions about ClashTalk ("It's because they like clashing!!!1") but Manolo's explanation seems most accurate.

We're allegedly a Gawker sub blog and Shouldy reminds us what Gawker comments really should be. Good Gawker comments are increasingly a thing of the past, it seems.


But CLT is a community blog so we want to know what you think. Quantum Suicide's lunch polls are equal measures informative and disturbing.

Not content with being just a pretty faces ourselves, Dr Teeth reminds us to analyse aesthetic hegemony.


We also specialise in sharing the silliest stuff on the internet. SugarHill is our very own Nancy Drew and has the ability to follow a numerical sequence from one to two. But CLT is also about mocking SugarHill.


There is nothing worse than a commenter that takes themselves too seriously, argues Hellephant, recounting the Flounciest Flounce of All.

And Jorah finds the most alarming MPDG parody/performance art thread on Jez.

ClashTalk on Gawker

We talk about Gawker in the kind of affectionate way you talk about something that you like only sometimes.


The increasingly pointless staff departures are covered well and lead to one of my favourite BP lines.

And there is some deserved scorn for apologies. Also, NotHip seems to have some kind of google alert for "Gawker" + "embarrassing."


ClashTalk on our neighbours

The clumsy "another sub blog" is really one of the greatest lexical advancements this year. It should be a drinking game. Anyway, we're considerate neighbours who will collect your pets and feed your mail while you're away.

Nilla knows when you need to be sheltered. Thunder-Lips knows a good opportunity for you to throw money at him. And a marathon of dramatic events was summarised pretty well by Foofy.



Stuff that defies classification is really where CLT excels.

ICN mind is talented enough to recreate Law & Order, and disturbed enough for whatever this is.


BigGayOwl knows that we like literature but don't like paying for stuff. Milkshaker knows cool stuff.

I don't envy whoever cleans out TNS's stuff when he dies. But we get gems in the meantime.


The race to find CLT's shortest commenter turned into a discussion of magical vagina zucchinis. Unexpected.

There were amazing contributions to the creepy love songs post.


And, of course, there is a small proportion of the ClashTalk community who are human and live their Actual Lives. McCoy's Mistress gets engaged. So does TL. TRC's daughter is a portal to another dimension. AMownLawn gets married but then has to read a 6-page resume. Scylla&Sin has a cute baby. Dictator's Mom sees dead people. The always-delightful LittleWing tries to make the rest of us feel suave. Taint Nuttin ages. Zuzax remembers.

But I pretend to live on the other side of the world with its crazy timezones so I miss a lot of stuff. What were your favourite CLT moments of 2014? If you nominate someone else's stuff, you also have to nominate one of your own comments or posts. I put this together in 45 minutes with only half a brain and access to google; I'm sure you can find something you've written that is worth repeating (false modesty is so unbecoming on Gawker commenters).