Evening, Clashers! We’re here because we’ve all been just a little bit horrible, so I’m sending all of us to detention. Come on in and tell me some of the funniest stories you have (or that you heard) of being sent to detention when you were in school. Mine are after the jump.

This post has been inspired by the following slideshow:

So, I’ve got two stories and they both happened in 6th grade, coincidentally.

First story happened to me. There was going to be a dance during the school day. Attendance wasn’t mandatory, but almost everyone wanted to go and the tickets cost money. Being a poor kid who didn’t know how to dance, I elected not to go. Nobody told me, though, that a lot of the teachers were looking forward to their two hours sans-kids as most of the students were going to be crammed into the gym for an awkward boys-on-one-side, girls-on-the-other middle school dance in the middle of the day. So, there I was sitting in a class with a teacher who thought she was going to have some free time only to find that she suddenly didn’t, which she didn’t appreciate. So what did she do since I couldn’t afford the $2 ticket to the dance? She sent me to detention. It was the first and only time I’d ever been sent to detention. Me and about four other kids sat in a room with nothing to do for the rest of the afternoon, bored out of our minds. All of us were there because we couldn’t afford a ticket to the dance and our teachers didn’t want to deal with us. Yep. Awesome, right?


The second story involved a couple of kids in my history class. There were a couple of (admittedly) jerk guys in that class, and one boy who always seemed to be the target of their jokes. Well, I guess one day he got sick of it because just as the taunting began one day, the boy reached into his binder. He pulled a butter knife out of it and held it up to one of the boys who had been teasing him. Mind you, this was long before zero tolerance policies, lockdown procedure drills and near-daily threats of violence. Without missing a beat another boy in the class piped up and said, “What are you going to do, Tom*, butter him?” That made everyone in the class laugh, which in turn finally caught the teacher’s attention. She immediately took both boys to the office and the butter knife bandit was sent to a couple days’ worth of detention, I think.

*not his real name

Anyway, those are my two stories. Let me hear yours, boys and girls!