Well, Clashtalk, 2013 was a year. We've seen the heroes posts and the best of Clashtalk posts, but let's talk about our humanity here. Let's talk about the times we've had big issues, or the times we've contributed too—some would say driven—the trends. Here are some of my favourite Clashtalk moments:

MainePaper—where were you?

We were enthralled. We were engaged. Fucking Maine was off watching Law & Order. For some, it was too much. But still.The paper was in, the presentation was done, and Maine is wiser for the experience. We breathed a collective sigh of relief that very few of us are in any type of formal education.


Here, above all else, we are true heroes. (Mainly with the Gawker staff and we'll just leave it at that.) Joanbeam's "Coen of Silence" was a magnificent summation of the Hugo debacle. Poor Lindy just couldn't catch a break. Clashtalk is clearly team selfie. We all have armchair feelings about the Neetz-bot. And shit-talking HamNo is a bannable offense.


It's hard to choose given so many contenders but I feel that this was the best thing ever.


What were your Clashtalk heroes?

ETA: oblique superhero reference