I’ve been seeing a lot of movies recently and a few have really blown me away. Eighth Grade and Three Identical Strangers (an amazing documentary) topped out my list.

Eighth Grade I just saw with my son and we were cracking up hysterically at certain parts. Others were hilariously uncomfortable. It’s basically just a moment in the life of an eighth grade girl as she transitions to high school—but both my son and I found a lot to relate to. It had a really honest and not judgey or cliche take on the interplay of social media and real life. But I haven’t cringed and squirmed so much since Curb Your Enthusiasm. Plus the lead actress blew us away with how incredible she was.

I might have complained in the past about cliche coming of age dramas involving boring white girls (*cough*Ladybird*cough*) but this one struck me as very fresh and interesting, and not just a filmmaker working out their issues.

Trailer here:

Confession: I cried at the end, it was that good. I liked that it didn’t do a lot of phony resolving of things that can’t really be resolved but was sweet and hopeful nevertheless.


Three Identical Strangers was a fascinating, if ultimately kind of dark, true story about triplets who were, I kid you not, adopted into different families as a kind of psychological experiment. The triplets reuniting as described in the trailer below was apparently a huge story in the early 80s in New York (though I was a small kid then so I don’t really remember it). But as layers of their story unfold it becomes clear that something extremely fucked up went on.

I also really liked Sorry to Bother You, which is definitely worth seeing despite it being a bit flawed in certain ways. It was very funny and interesting and the message definitely resonated with me, at least what I interpreted the message to be anyway. The world it creates is fantastic and loopy and politically very on point. The lead actor (Lakeith Stanfield) was great and Armie Hammer and Tessa Thompson were both pretty good as well.

***This has been Movie Tawk with Nilla. Over and out.***