Hello clashtalk. I’ve missed you.

According to my Kinja records, I have not logged in to Kinja since something like the end of August. (I came back to a hundred notifications. I read none of them. I’m sorry) This is truly an amazing feat. Especially since it was for no particular reason, other than logging out due to a frenzy of comments based on something I said on the mainpage and being too lazy to log back in. Don’t worry, I’ve been seriously lurking.

I nearly forgot my password, but I got it. And I’m BACK. Woo...

In other news, I’m about halfway through a pregnancy with our first child and my husband and I have reached a serious impasse on an important issue, and I need your help.


For some unknown reason, I’ve had the song Landslide stuck in my head for about a week. It’s a fantastic song, so whatever, but this resulted in some conversation about the best version of the song, about which we apparently have some issues. So please, help me Clashtalk. Who did it best?

Was it the og, Fleetwood Mac?

Was it those GW-hating country chicks with Sheryl Crow?

Was it your favorite 8th grade band, the Smashing Pumpkins?

Apparently the cast of Glee also did a version, which I learned in creating this post, but I will not do such an injustice to my poll as to include it. If you want to make a pitch for it below, GO FOR IT.


This is a serious post. I require serious answers, and show your work, please.

Also, my husband just texted me a picture of the “pad” section at the grocery store so he could figure out which maxi pads to buy to put in our dogs diaper because she keeps peeing all over the house. I think we’ll be fine parents.


p.s. What the hell is going on with Kinja?