Hey ClashTalkers! Poll Time: What Word Do You Never Remember The Meaning Of?

How many times has this happened to you:

You're at lunch with a few friends/colleagues, and you start talking about the closing season of a popular show. The show's ending in two weeks, and in the middle of the conversation, when it's your turn to talk about the show, you start racking your brain to determine whether or not "penultimate" applies to the second-to-last episode (it does).

For some strange reason, you can see yourself thumbing through a dictionary, and you just know you've looked up this word before (and before, and before, and before); as soon as you hit the definition in your mind, it all comes back to you. You realize you've looked up this word about a thousand times, but it just never sticks.

So, ClashTalkers: What Word's Definition Is Just Impossible For You to Remember?


(Mine, as you can see above, is "vagary," which sounds too much like "vague" to ever remember.)

As always, put the words you can't remember in the comments below!