Now that people have the ability to create their own blogs, and are searching for ways to draw traffic to them and promote them, it's time for me to lay down a few rules. I like y'all quite a bit, and I'm always glad to see people writing, but I think we need some guidelines to keep everyone happy.

  • Please share only one post from your blog per week
  • Please share things that you know are relevant to Clashtalk's interests (this is in your best interests, because your share will be more successful if it's something you know your audience will enjoy)

That's it. Those are the rules.

Now, about that fun way to promote your blog:

Every Sunday, I will create a Kinja blogs roundup post in Clashtalk.

To have your Kinja blog featured, all you have to do is email a link to a post of your choice along with a one sentence description of that post to


The post you choose doesn't have to be relevant to Clashtalk. Pick anything that you want promoted. You do not have to be a member of Clashtalk to have your blog featured in the roundup. Anyone anywhere in the Kinjaverse can be featured, as long as they email me a link to a post and a one sentence description of that post's content.

I'll start the first blog roundup next Sunday. If you want people elsewhere to be aware of the blog roundup, share this post, link them to it, whatever.


While this isn't going to be a hard and fast rule, generally, if you're going to share a comment to Clashtalk, I think we'll all enjoy it more if you create a post, and then quote and link to the comment in it. That way, we can discuss and gossip about it here, or go interact on the thread where the comment is located.