My thrice-married grandmother always said that the first two husbands are just for practice. Our commenter marriages are now dissolved, so we can change our user names back to what everyone knows and loves. Having been awarded half of ICN's cravat collection, I am splurging on a new avatar.

What I love about this community is that when someone (me) forgets to do a post they agree to do, someone else (Thunder-Lips) picks up the slack, no complaints. Our divorces may be final, but let's not that set the tone for Sunday. Post whatever song you want. Sing it out loud, knowing that we'll be singing along with you in spirit. In spirits, in my case, seeing as I'm kind of smashed (for context, it's 10.30 pm where I am, not early morning or anything).

The marriages were fun, but the hybrid names were really confusing. Let's go back to being carefree. Have some Jefferson Airplane: