Do you like theme music (movies/TV)? I do. Let's trade songs. If you don't comment here often, introduce yourself. As an added incentive for anyone feeling a bit hesitant about commenting, I promise to reply to everyone. Promise! I'll probably run out of interesting things to say early on so you'll be treated to facts about pine cones or something. But I will definitely reply. (Regulars: you will not be spared the pine cone talk.)

Here's me: I'm Gideon and I'm at home with my son today, watching Monsters Inc and trying to stop him from killing himself as he acts out all of the stunts himself (he's very method). I'm nominating "Slice of Heaven" from Footrot Flats, a delightful NZ comic about a dog living in what appears to be a hellscape. I'm going to dedicate it to the original SugarHill.

And, for extra measure, here's the theme song to Wire In The Blood, which is strangely listenable in a post-grunge, industrial way. Good show, too.

What are your TV/movie themes?