Is anyone knowledgeable about the Scottish independence thing (apart from LW)? I have no dog in that fight so haven't been following it too closely, but I do tend to reflexively disagree with whatever position Bob Geldof—who is Irish and not a citizen of the UK—is fighting for. With a vote this close, approximately 45 per cent of the population will be dissatisfied with the outcome. There has to be a better way than democracy.

As long as independence (or not) doesn't affect their funding to arts and music, the world can go on spinning. A lot of great artists and bands come from Scotland: Beta Band, Belle & Sebastian, David Byrne, and Jesus & Mary Chain, to name a few. Post your favourite Scottish (and let us be very liberal with that, e.g. Shirley Manson in Garbage makes the whole band Scottish as far as I'm concerned) tunes. Let's celebrate by apolitically chair-dancing.

I'm going with Django Django's "Life's a Beach." Their whole album is pretty listenable.