This one’s for the heartbreakers. We all have one or two or a dozen. Those artists that discover you as much as you discover them. They’re perfect. Until suddenly they’re not. They’ve changed in a way that you can’t accept or forgive.

Let’s talk about artists who have left us jilted by suddenly and drastically changing their sound. Maybe they were your first favorite band and created that very first cassette that you bought with your own money. And then maybe they went on to make terribly boring, pseudo-political soft rock. And maybe you just wanted to drop a dookie on those American idiots.

Me, I wanna talk about the lady that broke my heart last night.

I don’t quite remember how or when, but a couple years ago I was lucky enough to be introduced to the Dame. My spine is still tingling. Ivy Levan’s EP, Introducing the Dame is 12 perfect minutes, 4 perfect songs, one perfect experience. I’ll drop the rest of the (fantastic) videos in the comments, but here’s “Money”

And just oh my freaking god, that hair!!

The music and the voice are great, but more than anything else, it’s just plain fun. I defy you to listen to any of the tracks without cracking a smile, to watch any of the videos without a giggle.

But that was it. Four tracks. I knew the quality probably wasn’t sustainable, but I still wanted more. Every month or two, for two years, I would check the google machine to see if there was anything new from Ivy Levan. But I was always disappointed. So when QS encouraged me to contribute something more here than reality show snark, I figured a ClashTunes about artists who we wish were more prolific would be a good idea.

Off I went to google “ivy levan” just as I had so many times before. And I nearly flipped my desk jumping out of my seat. There was finally something new! Wait, there were several somethings new!!! A whole, full-sized album of new. New Ivy. New fun.

I made a drink, tried to calm myself, sat down, and turned up the speakers. I took a deep breath and I clicked play.


I didn’t have fun.

You see, before she was the Dame, Ivy Levan had apparently tried her hand at very boring, very generic pop. And this new album, the one I thought I wanted, is a return to that. Her voice is still amazing, as are the ways she plays with it. I can still hear her fun. I just can’t share in it anymore. All I can do is wonder how long I can make 12 minutes last.

So... Who hurt you?